Making That "Church" Connection



Connected To A Person

One word picture we find in the New Testament describing the local church is one of a bride. In the Bible we find that Christ loves the church, He gave Himself for the church, He purchased the church with His own blood, He provides for the church and He is coming again for the church.  Most importantly - Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, which means that connecting to a church through membership provides a unique opportunity to connect to Jesus Christ Himself. 



Connected To Power

Our Lord has given a mission to the local church: to preach the Gospel, scripturally baptize and then teach the Bible to those believers.  He has promised that each obedient local church would have the power or ability to carry out this mission. Too many believers think they can carry out the mission which was given to the church individually; but a believer who is not connected to a local church finds himself powerless to carry out the will of God in his life. Attending a church is a good start - but it really is only like a person who finds a power outlet for their appliance and never plugs his appliance in. Thousands of volts run through the electrical lines in your neighborhood and bring an almost unlimited power right into your home - available at your fingertips. God has chosen the local, New Testament church to be His conduit to make all the power in the Bible available to each individual believer. God equips the believer and enables him to be effective in his faith and ministry once he gets "plugged in" to the local, New Testament church.


Connected To People

It's almost impossible to go through a day without seeing people on their phones - texting, talking, earbuds-in, hands-free devices, sending emails, making videos, taking pictures, posting on facebook, tweeting...after all, just how many ways can you stay connected with a smartphone? There is something in us that wants to stay connected to others. The Bible calls the church "a body" where each part is interdependent upon the other.  We have a God-given need to be connected with others, and biblical church membership provides the opportunity to find that fulfillment.  This is why God's Word describes a church as a place which weeps with those who weep and rejoices with those who rejoice.


Connected For Posterity

"Modern Christianity" has greatly erred from the actual Bible model of the local church. Today the older generation is viewed as an obstacle standing in the way of progress and growth - which is exactly the opposite of the scriptural model! Almost every New Testament epistle refers to the wisdom, example and teaching which older saints can provide the younger ones. Each generation has a God-ordained obligation to pass down truth to the next generation, without dilution, distortion or disection. At the North Columbus Baptist Church every individual is encouraged to actively pass their faith to others, along with the lessons and blessings which they have learned. Church membership opens the doorway to actively encourage others in their faith and walk with God.