True To His Word

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I am very excited about the theme we have chosen for our church in 2013, "True To His Word."  It is a multi-faceted theme which has a myriad of applications.  

Christians should also build their faith upon the conviction that God's Word is true - even the very essence of truth.  John 17 records for us that God's Word is truth.  The same book refers to Jesus Christ as The Word.  It also records for us that He said He is The Way, The Truth and The Life.  To be true to His Word is to live and walk in truth; to be different than the norm - to be a true Christ-follower, a true disciple.


As believers, we should be true to the Word of God.  Our lives should match His words.  We are epistles to the unsaved world, known and read of all men.  Our effectiveness in keeping a godly testimony among unbelievers is connected to how consistent we are to the Word of God.  As friends, neighbors, co-worker, classmates and family members watch our lives, God's Word should ring "true" in the way we talk, work and live.

We should be true to His Word in our teaching and preaching.  We live in the day where the average Christian admires charisma, charm and personality more than faithfulness, holiness and Bible knowledge.  Paul purposely placed his gifts, his position and his personality in the background in order to lay the proper foundation for each church to be built on the Word of God and the power of God.  He would rather have their faith stand on God's truth rather than on the confidence of men.  Proper preaching is judged, not by oratorical ability, or expert wordsmithing or even ease of presentation, but by adherence to Scripture.  To be correct and true is greater than being emotional or inspiring.

Another point to remember is that we will be judged by Christ on how true the church is to the Word of God.  As an undershepherd, the Head of the Church will not judge me according to the size of the congregation, the amount of the offerings, the beauty of the faciilities or even the impact we have made upon our community.  Pastors will be judged by how scriptural the church has been.  Hebrews 13:7 & 17 remind church members of the high priority our Lord places on obedience and submission to scriptural authority.