The Embrace of Paganism

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Just in case you haven't noticed...a zombie craze is in full swing in our nation.  Zombie movies, zombie video games, zombie TV, zombie gatherings, zombie parties - and so on.  Some may think it is simply a harmless phase the nation is going through like flagpole sitting, stuffing into telephone booths or hula hoops were in the past.  I see this as a wicked symptom of a greater evil.


Zombie stories and legends basically have their roots in Haiti and Angola, where witch doctors supposedly had the power to bring the dead back to life.  Individuals were declared dead and then after their funeral or burial, witnesses saw the "dead" person walking about, seemingly "alive," although in a strange state.  Because of their unusual behavior, they became known as the "undead."  Over the centuries this strange "power" put great fear in the masses and the witch doctors had enormous influence over their societies.

In our modern age it was discovered that actually these servants of sin had given those unfortunate individuals a mixture of various drugs which placed them in a state where they only appeared to be dead.  After the funeral or burial, they were kept drugged and were literally enslaved to these deviant tyrants until they were no longer useful; when they were killed - cast away like rubbish.

Over the last thirty-five years I have had a strong connection with Haiti through missionaries, Haitian pastors and missions trips.  This has reinforced my awareness that the power of the devil is very real.  Jesus Christ said that Satan is a liar (John 8:44) and a murderer.  He is the author of lies and death.  The witch doctors lied that the poor soul was dead and then killed those individuals either intentionally or through the drugs which were used.

When the Gospel light shone upon these regions, it merely illuminated how dark these vile acts were.  Now, however, the humanist perspective on world history labels it "Western civilization" or "European culture" but the true difference was a culture which included the Bible versus a culture which was ignorant of the Bible.  Once these pagan civilizations were discovered men and women desired to bring the Bible to their lands to teach them of salvation and provide true liberation: freedom from sin.

Our country was founded upon a Biblical basis and it had permeated our shores.  Because of our heritage, America basically considered those cultures with witch doctors, shamans and spiritualism as pagan.  In these modern times, however, we have discarded the light of Scripture and have become increasingly obsessed with darkness.  Our public school system has fully embraced anti-biblical cultures and has promoted the "wisdom" of Native Americans, Incans, Aztecs, Aboriginees and the tribes of Africa to our children while completely rejecting the "folly" of God's Word and denigrating those cultures which have woven scriptural precepts into them.

Now the popular trend is to embrace pagan practices and rituals and make them appear attractive and popular, thus the games, movies, shows, etc.  Except it isn't working.  Books always seem more romantic than life and fantasy more intriguing than reality.  Very few people have found the recent attack in Miami over Memorial Day weekend to be very beautiful.  Or the Baltimore man who killed his roommate and ate parts of him, discovered on June 1.  Or the recent Canadian arrested June 6 for murdering and eating his sodomite partner.  Yet, these actions are the inevitable outcome of embracing darkness while rejecting God's light.

America used to be known as a Christian nation, but we have been embracing paganism and will continue to reap the results for that decision.  Unfortunately, I believe we had better prepare for more of the same.  Ultimately, if we keep rejecting God and His Word, soon the Christians in Haiti and Angola will be sending missionaries here.