Event Page

A growing church is constantly adapting to its congregation.  As members are added to the congregation, that congregation takes on a new dynamic.  The Bible classifies church members as "lively stones" meaning instead of bricks comprising a physical building, the actual church is a spiritual building comprised of "spiritual bricks" - the living members themselves.

Church activity is not a sign of growth or health, but a church calendar CAN give a good indication of that church's priorities.  Here at North Columbus Baptist Church we do enjoy fellowship and "family gatherings" but our desire is NOT to create a social calendar.  We anticipate that our church's calendar and the announcements of special events reveal a love for Christ, a love for people, a love for family and a love for the Bible.

Guests are ALWAYS welcome at all of our events, in fact they are especially welcome.  We greatly enjoy the process of guests becoming our new friends!