Bible Reading

The Bible greatly emphasizes that the relationship believers have to Christ are relative to their relationship to His Word.  Among other commands, we are to:

  • Study It
  • Memorize It
  • Preach It
  • Meditate On It
  • Quote It
  • Obey It
  • Revere It
  • Follow It

But it all begins with reading it.

Even though the Bible is essential for Christian growth; it is amazing to realize that many believers have never read the Bible in its entirety.

We encourage every believer to read the Bible through in its entirety each calendar year.  In order to make this a less difficult task we are providing a Bible reading schedule for believers on the go.  Use your smartphone or tablet and follow the scripture links on the right and you can read your Bible any where at any time.  Click on the "listen" icon next to the reference and a window will automatically open and you can listen to the passage in an audio format.